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Jade Raybin

satirist. scribe. storysmith.

Jade Raybin has been writing since her youth. The daughter of a poet, and the granddaughter of a theater director, she grew up in a house where defining a word was a thirty minute affair, and family members made a sport of accurately guessing the next line of dialogue in movies.

Jade's academic background includes an MA in Women's Spirituality, and an MFA in Theater with an emphasis in Performance Activism. Professionally, she has taught courses at New College of California on theater arts education, juvenile justice, critical theory, and adolescent rites of passage. She has also acted as an educational theater consultant, facilitating interactive theater techniques such as Theatre of the Oppressed, Playback Theatre, Action Theater, and Improv for Planned Parenthood Golden Gate, University of Oregon’s Sexual Wellness Advocacy Team, New Conservatory Theater Center’s YouthAware Program, and Revelation Law Firm.

She is the author of the speculative fiction novel "The Visitors" about a midwestern family being visited through their dreams by people from alternate futures. She also penned “Superhero Academy Activity Book,” an activity book that helps children create their own superhero characters based on their own best qualities.

As a screenwriter, playwright and director, Jade has developed over two dozen original works in collaboration honing the vision of the people involved into a single executable vision. In this context, she has worked with groups of incarcerated youth, gang members, sexual assault survivors, elders, clowns, stuntmen, and musicians.

As a television writer, Jade penned a one hour drama "The Golden Cage" set in 1726 in the Ottoman Harem, which has placed as a finalist in the UCLA screenwriting competition, as well as a semifinalist in the ScreenCraft Pilot Launch. On the comedy/dramady side, she has three high-concept half hour comedy pilots that send up sex, tech, and marriage respectively.

Jade's completed feature length scripts include Jailbait, a gritty female-driven neonoir, Death by Homework, a prep school murder mystery satire, and the 1960s period piece, The Acid Amendment, about two kids who set out to change their world with LSD as their primary weapon.

She wrote and produced a short film entitled “Over the Moon,” a story about a boy who can fly, a girl who believes in everything, and a love stronger than gravity. The ten-minute magical realist love story was picked up by Shorts TV for international distribution and brought into Her Mind in Pieces, an feature length anthology of films about women who live at the horizon of real and unreal.

The branded media action comedy Two Bellman, written by Jade Raybin in collaboration with director Malakai Cabrera, garnered over 5 million hits on youtube and is still climbing. 

Her film writing credits include the Marriot's Two Bellman (Substance Over Hype), Over the Moon (Jenessa Joffe Prod.), Dust (Faust Productions). As a writer/director of live theater, her credits include: Low Hanging Fruit & America’s Next New Anchor (Drama Mamas), Lale Devra (SMAI's Teatro Del Sol) Wake shop die love America (ECHOS), The S. Beast Factor & 14 Times in Two Weeks (Experimental Performance Institute), Blindspot, F.I.N.E., & The Importance of Being Sexual… or Not (T-4), I Dream Reality & Operation Cool (Conservatory Theater Ensemble).